The Growing Need For Wholesale Sports Apparel

The sports apparel industry is booming, with approximately $30 billion being spent on retail shorts, sweats, jerseys and other garments each year. Manufacturers have introduced new, more comfortable materials over the past few years, giving sports apparel companies a wider range of garments to choose from for men, women and youths. Most people who shop […]

Making Sense Of The Wholesale Athletic Apparel Market

Are you charged with buying wholesale athletic apparel for your school, team, or retail outlet? If so, you already know how confusing it can be to find high-quality, affordable sports clothing on the wholesale level. One reason it can be so confusing (and time-consuming) is the sheer number of online vendors who are now offering […]

Important Features In Wholesale Sports Apparel

There are thousands of sports teams around the world, encompassing a diversity of athletes including males and females of all ages. The ability of any team to be consistently competitive throughout their game season relies on the dedication of each athlete to prepare and perform to their potential throughout their practices and games alike. It […]

Wholesale Sports Apparel From Dodger Industries

People work hard for their money every day, and when they buy something, they expect that the company they buy it from is going to stand by the products they sell. Dodger Industries has been in wholesale sports apparel business for the past 74 years, and they understand all about offering quality products to their […]