High Quality Wholesale Athletic Apparel From Dodger Industries

Dodger Industries offers an array of wholesale athletic youth shorts that offers comfort and breathability. Made with materials such as 100% polyester tricot mesh, our shorts allow air through to keep moisture at a minimum, which is important when a young player is playing hard on the field. Athletic shorts should let a kid move […]

Why Buy Dodger Industries’ Adult Athletic Shorts?

Dodger Industries has been in the business of manufacturing quality sports apparel for over 70 years. It incorporates durable material into its garments to provide athletes the best product for wearing on the field or courts. Our adult athletic shorts are made with comfort and style in mind for any sports activity one participates in. […]

Wholesale Sports Apparel From Dodger Industries

People work hard for their money every day, and when they buy something, they expect that the company they buy it from is going to stand by the products they sell. Dodger Industries has been in wholesale sports apparel business for the past 74 years, and they understand all about offering quality products to their […]

Dodger Industries – Providing Customers With Quality Wholesale Clothing

There is an old saying that talks about how if people want to buy high quality items, they are going to have to pay a lot of money for them. However, this is not necessary the case with Dodger Industries because the company has been in business for over 70 years providing the best quality […]

Private Label Customization – Dodger Industries

Every time someone watches a professional sports team, the uniforms that they wear were made by a company that specializes in wholesale athletic apparel like Dodger Industries. When people decide that they need high quality garments, there are experts that work for Dodgers Industries that know all about how to create whatever clothing that customers […]